Intelligent Assistants Conference & Intelligent Authentication Conference

September 12, 2016 – September 13, 2016 all-day
San Francisco
Opus Research

Intelligent Assistance technologies have redefined customer experience, self-service and contact center operations by bringing Bots, Natural Language Understanding and the beginnings of Conversational Commerce.

Opus Research invites you to join us in San Francisco (September 12-13, 2016) at the Intelligent Assistants Conference and Intelligent Authentication Conference as we:

  • Define the new IA and IAuth ecosystems – integrating existing IVR, CRM, Knowledge Management and Business Process Optimization with bots, messaging platforms and mobile e-commerce infrastructure
  • Transform organizations and operations – as the CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, CSO and CXO are all involved in defining and implementing IA solutions.
  • Highlight real-world implementations – spanning financial services, travel & hospitality, media & communications, healthcare, government and others
  • Identify challenges and opportunities – how big brands fight disintermediation and support customer efforts to command their own destinies in their own words

Of special interest in panels and keynotes: “The Botsplosion: How brands can leverage messaging platforms and bots” and also “The CRM-to-IA Roadmap: How to leverage existing resources to support real-time, natural language self-service”

Check the Intelligent Assistants Conference and Intelligent Authentication Conference websites for the latest additions to speakers and topics.

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