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Princeton Identity develops innovative technologies, software and physical hardware solutions designed to verify and manage individuals’ identities for a wide range of physical security and data access applications. The company’s unique multimodal biometric solutions employ distinctive iris and facial recognition technologies which deliver the highest levels of accuracy and speed both indoors and outdoors. With proven installations around the world utilizing their technology, Princeton Identity offers system solutions for a diverse range of mainstream applications including mobile access control, corporate, industrial and secure workplaces, airports, critical infrastructure, public arenas and border control. Using the company’s unique technical expertise developed through a long history of research and innovation at SRI International, Princeton Identity creates and integrates the world’s fastest, most accurate, versatile and non-intrusive identity solutions.

The Princeton Identity Legacy

Princeton Identity Inc. was formerly a division of SRI International marketed under the SRI Identity brand. SRI and SRI Identity have had a long and successful history of delivering leading-edge technology going back to the roots of the company in Stanford University, RCA Labs, and Sarnoff Labs, where many familiar technologies were born. Some of these technologies have become household items, including color television, the computer mouse, and Siri (licensed to Apple). Others have had broader impact, such as ground-scanning satellites, automated check processing, medical devices and cancer-fighting drugs.

Recent work in biometric technologies was applied to a wide range of government and commercial needs, as well as for mainstream Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) applications. It is this recent work, and its potential applications to the general security market and other related markets that led to the formation of Princeton Identity.

Our Mission and Expertise

We make people safer by confirming their identities and managing identity information. Using our unique technical expertise, we strive to create and integrate the world’s fastest, most accurate, and most versatile identity solutions.

Our team has a unique range of applicable advanced technical skills appropriate for this mission, including electronic imaging, compression and matching algorithms, and system and product design.

Our Team

Princeton Identity’s management team includes key personnel from SRI Identity who were involved in R&D and product development at SRI International.

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