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Merkatum Corporation develops biometric and biographic identity resolution systems that effectively determine, interpret, and manage the identity of individuals in order to deter identity fraud and safety/security risks. Merkatum’s core product, its patent-pending “emfiva F/FRS®” biometric resolution and identity management system, searches and compares the identity of individuals in databases and on the field by utilizing fingerprint, facial, and/or biographic recognition algorithms leveraged by an open, scalable, and business process driven, Service-Oriented Architecture.

The Company’s objective is to develop and market modular, “out-of-the-box” systems that are easy to install-deploy-maintain at a lower total cost of ownership by pre-configuring and deploying emfiva F/FRS® servers for determined vertical market segments. Merkatum also develops and markets identity enrollment kits (“Eagle Kit”) comprised of integrated biometric capture devices (fingerprint, facial, iris, signature) and data encoders (barcode, document scanners) contained in ruggedized briefcases for military, public safety, and civil identification applications.

Merkatum has successfully deployed its product for relevant customers and high-profiled projects. Merkatum’s target customers include government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and enterprises worldwide.


Merkatum’s patent-pending “EMFIVA F/FRS®” technology is embedded as a robust and functionally-rich Biometric Identity Management System (IdMS) that effectively determines the identity of individuals in a database or field operative environment via the efficient combination of biometric (facial, fingerprint, iris) and/or biographic (textual, cultural, phonetic) recognition technologies.

EMFIVA F/FRS® ’s pinpoints the identity of a person registered in a database principally by searching and comparing biometric and/or biographic data templates either against each other (identification process) or against a single predetermined value (verification process). Once a “match” or “no match” response is obtained, a series of functional processes oriented at improving personnel administration activities, diminishing identity fraud, augmenting security and safety measures, and reducing operational risks.

The solution unleashes value to the end-user by providing or increasing security & safety, identifying fraud and administrative errors improving productivity and/or reducing costs.


FaceFinder LE is the first and only desktop facial recognition system in the market that targets Law Enforcement agencies (State Police, Sheriff Offices and Municipal Police Departments) with high-quality and real-time investigation leads by means of quickly matching thousands of facial images against a probe picture and determining suspect records as a result.

Criminal investigations can be dramatically enhanced by quickly and effectively searching and matching facial images against historical picture or mugshot databases of suspect individuals and convicted felons.

Run your own local facial recognition system in your law enforcement community. Get quick results. Control your image files within your ecosystem.


  • Effective: quick identification of suspects, best-of-breed facial matching technologies
  • Simple: to install, configure and use; plug and play system – ready to use
  • Inexpensive: low acquisition cost; accessible to any type of law enforcement agency

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