Biometrics Integrators and Resellers


Biometric integrators and resellers are part of one of the fastest growing tech fields today.  It has revolutionized the security field, and has implications in banking, healthcare, the consumer marketplace, the way electronic transactions are done, – in virtually every area where there is a need for electronic security, fraud prevention, or personal identification of some kind.  The companies who are making this technology and finding ways to apply it, the integrators and resellers of biometrics, are finding themselves at the forefront of the tech market today.

Biometrics takes your unique physical characteristics and uses them for identification of your identity and verification that you are doing something you’ve been authorized to do.  Your vascular patterns, hand print, finger print, iris image or retina patterns, and even your voice can be used to ensure that you are who you say you are, and to let people know that you’ve been given permission to do whatever it is you’re attempting to do. 

Resellers provide this technology to public and private spheres, and integrators ensure that you have the system you need, and provide solutions to integrate it into your existing security or identification systems.

Biometric Resellers

So, let’s assume that you’re at a bank and need to withdraw money.  First, you insert your card, then, you enter your PIN.  We are all familiar with this process.  However, let’s say that in addition to entering your PIN, you look into a camera and have your iris scanned or your facial pattern recognized as well before you are allowed to withdraw money.  Biometrics technology which is integrated with the ATM’s security features ensures that even if someone gets hold of your card and discovers your PIN, they won’t be able to get at your money because they don’t have your eyes and/or face.

Companies that provide systems that integrate biometric technology with existing security or identification measures you already have in place can minimize the chances that electronic money or data can be lost or stolen.  These companies include names such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and ADT.

Another company which offers integrated solutions for government, civil, law enforcement and commercial use is NEC.  It is one of the most recognized companies in the field, and offers some of the most accurate technology available.

There are many resellers of biometrics technology. Resellers offer products from many of the major brands, and can help from the beginning stages of planning a purchase to getting the system up and running just the way you would like.

These systems are becoming more widely used by the day.  By themselves, or integrated with systems already in place, business, military, government and the private commercial sectors are all finding ways to use biometrics.  Whether it’s to identify an employee, target an ad to an individual’s immediate needs, make sure a specific person is allowed to access the highly sensitive data he is attempting to open, or ensure you are the owner of the credit card you are using to buy that expensive item, biometrics is having a huge impact on the security and personal identification methods of today.

The technology of identification and access control  biometrics is improving rapidly by leaps and bounds, and its integrators and resellers are leading the way.



Aware provides COTS, standards-based biometrics software for law enforcement, border management, defense, credentialing, and access control. Each product provides granular functionality and is available a la carte:

  • SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris
  • Enrollment
  • Capture device hardware abstraction
  • Image quality assurance
  • Standard-compliant data formatting and validation
  • BioComponents™ enrollment applets and controls
  • URC™ .NET biometric enrollment application
  • WebEnroll™ browser-based biometric enrollment
  • Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™)
  • Nexa™ fingerprint, face, and iris search and match SDKs
  • INQUIRE™ identity data analytics SDK

Products & services: Fingerprint Readers, Middleware / Software, Justice / Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition

Other Vendors

  • AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc.
  • Argus Global
  • Net Com SAS
  • MOSA Technology Solutions, LLC
  • ACTAtek Pte Ltd.
  • ADC Systems
  • Airborne Biometrics Group, Inc.
  • Allevate Limited
  • Black Diamond Advanced Technology
  • Bromba GmbH
  • Chengdu Finchos Electronics Co.,Ltd
  • Control iD
  • C-True Face Recognition
  • Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA)
  • EninovSystems Pvt Ltd.
  • Eyenetwatch
  • Firstec Co Ltd
  • Fujitsu Frontech North America, Inc.
  • Fulcrum Biometrics
  • Ganetec Global Solutions
  • iCognize GmbH
  • Identification International, Inc.
  • iEvo Ltd
  • Integrated Biometrics
  • Lenvica Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Lumeta
  • MaxVision, LLC
  • Medibase
  • Merkatum
  • Neokoros Brasil Ltda
  • Neurotechnology
  • Spectra Technovision (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • TradeHarbor, Inc.
  • Vitim