Biometric Fingerprint Locks Will Keep You Safe


Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Protect What Belongs to You

Time out of mind, we have been finding ways to keep what we consider ours by right more secure, and since before we knew, there have been others trying to steal it.  From our personal items to our homes to our information, we want to keep what’s ours to ourselves, and protect it from those who would steal it or use it against us.  We are on a permanent and urgent hunt for the newest and best locks out there, and fingerprint biometrics could have the answer for you.

With all the advances in technology in the last few decades, it’s not surprising that we’ve now come a long way from the basic padlock.  Now, there is a way to ensure the security of your personal belongings and information to such an extent that only you can unlock a lock, and you can tell who else tried to unlock it and when.

The newest and best lock technology is called fingerprint biometrics.  Biometrics takes your unique identifying physical characteristics and uses them to identify you. 

Fingerprint Locks

Your irises, vein patterns, hand prints and finger prints can all be used to ensure that you are who you say you are, and locks can be keyed to respond only to your particular characteristic.

For example, let’s say you’re a student in school and want a lock on your locker that can’t be gotten into.  Combo locks can be broken and key locks can be picked.  But what if you had a lock that was keyed to your thumb print?  The school bully could try all he wanted to get into your locker, but would be unsuccessful, because there’s no way he could copy your thumb print.

Another use for this type of fingerprint lock is on your house.  What if only your family could unlock the doors?  If there was a device that could check your iris or your hand print, and only allow the door to be opened if it matched those who are allowed to unlock the door?  In addition, if it were hooked up to a security system, you could be notified if someone unauthorized was trying to get into your property, or when one of your family members returned home.  If someone tried to break into your house who was not supposed to be there, as soon as they attempted to break the lock, police would be notified, and so would you.

Some new high-end vehicles now are also being equipped with fingerprint locks for gaining access without the key if it was lost or locked inside. Home safes and gun locks are also using biometrics.

Fingerprint locks are an invaluable tool for high security centers of government or business.  They are virtually unbreakable and customizable.  They allow control of who can access what areas when, and knowledge of who was trying to access them without the proper authorization.

Not only physical spaces or items can be secured with a fingerprint lock.  Consider the implications to our sensitive information.  With so much of our personal data being stored on computers that are vulnerable to attack or hacking, it is vital to have a method of securing our electronic personal property.

Medical and financial records, personal documents – any electronic material that you want secured can be locked through biometrics.  You can make sure that only those you want to see that information is allowed to do so, since you can use a biometric fingerprint lock to allow them access and to deny those without authorization the ability to view your data.  Only you and those who you allow would see your banking and financial records, and only your Doctor and his team would see your medical records.

Thievery is one of the oldest professions in the world.  As long as there have been thieves, there has been a fight to keep the thieves out.  Now, with the latest and greatest technology, biometrics has enabled us to securely lock and store our personal property, our homes and our electronic information from anyone we don’t wish to have access to it, and to know, for certain, when it is being accessed and who is attempting to get hold of it.  We are finally winning the fight against thievery.

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Lumidigm has developed and deployed a fingerprint sensor that uses multispectral imaging to capture superior images quickly, on all people, in all environmental conditions. The Lumidigm platform also provides award-winning “liveness” protection. With commercial partners, venture funding, and government sponsors, Lumidigm provides identity management for civil identification, point-of-sale, physical and logical access, and portable electronic device applications. Products & services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Fingerprint Readers, Border Control / Airports, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometric Locks, Justice / Law Enforcement, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics, Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance.


ZKTeco is a leading global developer and manufacturer of security and time management solutions headquartered in Shenzhen. It is subdivided into 5 business segment/divisions–ZKSoftware, ZKAccess, ZKiVision, ZKBiolock and ZKAFIS. Its products range from Multi-biometric and RFTD identification Time & Attendance solutions to Access Control solutions like IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panel, readers, and tripod turnstile, from IP Cameras and total surveillance solutions to consumer products, such as intelligent biometric lock, RFID hotel lock. ZKAFIS is engaging in providing economic and reliable AFIS solutions. Products and Services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition, Middleware / Software, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometric Locks, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics , Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance.

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